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HBH Dredging Map

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LBT’s HBH Dredging Project Information Update 7.1.2023

Dredging Project  – Bid Ordinance

The first reading of the dredging project bid ordinance will be at 4 pm on Wednesday, July 5th at the Long Beach Township “town hall” in Brant Beach.  

The second reading of the dredging project bid ordinance and public hearing will be at 4 pm on Monday, August 7th at the Long Beach Township “town hall” in Brant Beach.  This hearing is open to the public for comment.

Answers to HBHTA Annual Meeting questions –

Joanne Veech and Karen Ensslen met with Kyle Ominski, LBT’s Business Administrator on June 27th and posed the four unanswered questions from our HBHTA Annual Meeting.  It appears that the township is working hard on this project and wants it to be the model for other communities.  

1. Did the township put in for a FEMA grant? The township researched grants and did not find any that applied to our project.  Kyle said most grants are not for private lagoons, nor does a tornado qualify for grants.  

2. Can the spoils be moved to a spot that is much deeper?  Nothing is off the table, however, it is doubtful that they can be moved to deeper water due to the concern that they will wash back into the area.  

3. Can we tie our dredging project with the state’s efforts to dredge the S Channel?  Long Beach Township will inform the state of the dredging project and the state’s participation will depend on funding.  

4. Will the south end of HBH Channel be dredged (area near bay facing houses on Auburn)?  No, the permit was issued for only the three lagoon access points. HBH Chanel is a state owned waterway.