The High Bar Harbor Taxpayers Association Committees include:

Audit Committee
Chair: Karen Ensslen
Board of Trustee Member: Joe DeLuca

Annual Meeting Committee
Co-Chairs: Lana Major & Lara Addiego

Bylaws Committee
Chair: Jo Pepper
Board of Trustee Members: Peter Baragona & Joanne Veech

Communications Committee
Chair: Agnes Poltorak-Lewis
Board of Trustees Members: Joanne Veech

Dredging Committee
Co-Chair: Tom DeBenedictis & Brian Heffernan
Board of Trustees Members: Agnes Poltorak-Lewis & Joanne Veech

Signs and Parks Committee
Chair: Lana Major & Lara Addiego
Board of Trustees Members: Karen Ensslen

Membership Committee
Chair: Karen Ensslen
Board of Trustees Members: Jay Leistner & Joe DeLuca

Merchandising Committee
Chair: Ellen Buckley
Board of Trustees Members: Ellen Buckley & Tom DeBenedictis

Social Committee
Chair: TBA
Board of Trustees Members: Ellen Buckley, Karen Ensslen, Jo Pepper, Jay Leistner, Annie Jordan

Roadway, Waterway & Pathway Committeee
Chair: Kristin Farfalla
Board of Trustee Member: Tom DeBenedictis